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YOUR poor Wi-Fi connection speeds could be down to four simple mistakes, according to a tech expert.

Before you ring up your internet service provider, you might want to check these out first.

YouTuber Chris Majestic shares his easy tips.

1. Move your broadband router

According to Chris, most routers benefit from being placed higher up.

So if yours is hidden away in the corner of your basement it's going to have a serious impact on your Wi-Fi signal.

Wherever you move it, ensure the router isn't obstructed by other household items – especially Wi-Fi suckers like the microwave.

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And don't resort to cupboards either.

The router needs to be out in the open.

2. Check how many devices you're using

The more devices you have connected to your Wi-Fi, the slower it'll be for all of them, as the hub attempts to share the broadband out evenly.

Chris says you might need to check the speeds your internet service provider's plan has – and you may need to upgrade if you have a lot.

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One trick to test if this is the case for you is by plugging an Ethernet cable into your laptop and running a speed test on a site such as speedtest.net.

Note down how fast the connection was, then do the same test using only Wi-Fi and see if there is a massive difference.

If you don't want to upgrade, you can try disconnecting devices not in use.

3. Get a new router

Wi-Fi tech has improved lots over the years so it's best to have the latest router.

Your provider normally upgrades them for free every few years.

So check whether yours is dated and get onto them for a replacement.

If you can't get a free replacement, you could buy your own.

4. Get extenders

If you have a larger home your router could use help from extenders.

These are simple plug-in devices that are great for connectivity dark spots.

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Depending on the package you have, you might be entitled to a free extender.

For example, Virgin Media offers its top tier a free extender.

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