Cleaning fan ‘swears by’ £1 item to remove layers of revolting toilet limescale

Clean It, Fix It: Maxine reveals how best to remove toilet limescale

Limescale is a problem in hard water areas. Calcium compounds in the water stick to taps, kettles, shower heads and inside toilet bowls. 

Households can tell if they have a limescale problem if the stains are rough to the touch and regular toilet cleaners don’t remove them, even with vigorous scrubbing. 

Taking to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips and Tricks Facebook page, a group member anonymously shared how they removed limescale from their toilet.

They said: “I know everyone’s doing the Harpic black thing but I honestly can’t thank this group enough for this tip. 

“I bleached, I scrubbed, I did everything I could and living in an area where the water buildup is not the one. 

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“This trick literally transformed my toilet. It’s okay to judge the state of it, it was covered in layers of revolting toilet limescale and I was embarrassed for years.”

The cleaning fan shared before and after pictures. In the first photo, the entire toilet bowl had completely burnt brown and in the second photo, the toilet was pure white – almost looking brand new.

On Harpic’s website, the product claims to work “10 times better than bleach on limescale removal”.

When asked about how to use the product, the Mrs Hinch fan explained: “I emptied out all the water and then squeezed it round and scrubbed it. 

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“Then I plugged the bowl with sponges and used the rest of the bottle and let it soak, left it overnight then scrubbed the buildup off.

“It’s brilliant! My toilet looks brand new too. I only had a prob with the upstairs one. The downstairs one always looks clean.”

Group members in the comments also shared how “amazing” this product is at removing limescale.

Rhea Forbes said: “It’s amazing, can’t live without it.” The owner of the post replied: “Honestly, it is. I will swear by it now.”

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Anna Paris wrote: “I agree. Why waste time with cola or rubbing with a pumice stone when you can just pour Harpic down leave for an hour, rub round with a loo brush and flush.”

Anita Parker commented: “Harpic Power Plus seems to be the top boy for clearing limescale and stains down toilets, but do not use it on stainless steel such as a sink. It will go brown and there’s no going back.”

Harpic Power Plus can be picked up online for £1 at the Poundshop or in supermarkets such as Tesco for £1.30 and at Morrisons for £1.75.

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