Inside Lady Amelia Windsor’s exquisite Notting Hill home – likely worth millions

Previously having the title of “most beautiful royal,” Lady Amelia Windsor, who turned 28 years old today, lives a very lavish lifestyle.

Amelia seems to love the better things, from five-star hotels to her opulent Notting Hill property, even though she doesn’t live in a palace like her third cousin, Prince William.

The young member of the Royal Family has released her own clothing line in addition to modelling for Dolce & Gabbana.

Amelia’s grandfather is Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, a first cousin of the late Queen, and she is the second daughter and youngest child of George Windsor, Earl of St Andrews.

Despite not being a working royal, she has become a fixture at London Fashion Week because of her royal heritage and model looks.

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Lady Amelia may not live in a castle, but she has the equivalent in a stunning Notting Hill flat. Properties in Notting Hill had an overall average price of £1.5million over the last year, meaning Amelia’s home is likely worth the same if not more.

The model has previously shown glimpses inside her home, which she shared with her older sister Marina, on her Instagram.

Amelia was said to have spotted hand-painted dishes while travelling in Italy and used them to decorate her retro-style kitchen.

In keeping with her appreciation of all things traditional, the 28-year-old also cooks in a traditional black AGA oven.

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She told House & Garden: “We have things that we’ve collected over the years and beautiful trinkets alongside treasures which I’ve found in Portobello and Golbourne markets.”

As well as having a fabulous kitchen in which to cook, the Duke of Kent’s granddaughter enjoys her fabulous dining area.

Lady Amelia and her sister enjoy dining al fresco on her chic outside terrace.

The model will likely eventually return to her family’s house in Cambridgeshire, where she was isolating during lockdown, when she wishes to leave her London flat.

When Lady Amelia isn’t at home in Notting Hill, she also enjoys staying in fancy hotels around the country and the world.

She checked into the opulent Gleneagles Townhouse earlier this year, which served as a nostalgic return to Edinburgh, where she had previously studied French and Italian at university.

The five-star luxury hotel may cost around £500 per night.

Additionally, she has checked into El Fuerte, a five-star beachfront resort in Marbella.

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