PS5 owners go wild for genius accessory that prevents annoying overheating problems every gamer hates | The Sun

PLAYSTATION 5 owners are have discovered an accessory which takes 'five seconds to install' that stops the console from overheating.

PS5s can overheat when running intensive games.

When a console gets too hot, it is prone to shutdowns.

This can really scupper a good gaming session.

But what one PS5 owner has used to remedy the issue is a simple snap-on fan accessory. 

Writing in Laptop Mag, the gamer spoke highly of the SCRY Artic PlayStation 5 Cooler, which has been created by a startup.


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It is currently found online for around £22 ($29).

However, there are much cheaper alternatives around.

It essentially clips onto the fan at the back of the console, and instantly cools down the device.

The only complaint is that the fan is quite loud, notably louder than the PS5s built-in fans.

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But it is apparently not a "deal breaker".

The other catch is that the SCRY Artic is on Kickstarter, which means standard warnings apply that Kickstarter is not a store and there is risk in backing any project.

When a PS5 overheats easily, it's nearly impossible to play PS5 games.

Instead gamers have to rely on PS4 games, which makes the lofty purchase of the device null and void.

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