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THERE are seven reasons why your Amazon Fire Stick is buffering but fortunately for you, we have the tricks on how to fix them.

It can really ruin the movie experience if you can barely get through a two-minute stretch without the dreaded loading symbol appearing.

Or worse yet, when the speech fails to match up with the action and it lands you in an even more grueling experience.

So, here's why your Amazon Fire Stick is buffering:

  1. Slow internet connection
  2. Internet service provider throttling
  3. Modem far from FireStick
  4. Running low on RAM
  5. Running low on storage
  6. FireStick overheating
  7. Outdated FireStick OS

How do I fix it?

First, try restarting your Fire Stick.


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Next, do what you can to improve your Wi-Fi connection.

You can do this by making sure your router isn't near certain objects, and contacting your internet service provider.

If your FireStick is too far from your Wi-Fi router, your signal strength will be weak and will cause buffering issues.

Try moving the router closer to the Fire Stick, but don't put it directly behind the TV.

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Alternatively, you can use an Ethernet cable for a secured internet connection.

Then make sure your Fire Stick has the latest firmware downloaded, and isn't running on an outdated operating system.

Next, check your storage space in the settings.

Fire Stick's have 8GB of storage., but only around 5.5GB that can actually be used, which can be quickly eaten up by apps.

But you can actually use an old USB stick you have tucked away at home as an external storage drive. Here's how.

The placement of your Fire Stick is also important.

If your TV is in an unventilated place, your Fire Stick could be overheating.

Make sure the Fire Stick and your telly have good airflow surrounding them.

As a last resort, you can try downloading a VPN – also known as a virtual private network – to prevent buffering.

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Your internet service provider might slow down your connection speed from time to time if they spot too many streaming activities – this is called throttling.

In this case, a VPN will mask your IP address to put a stop the so-called throttling.

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