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DRIVERS have been warned that they risk a heavy fine if they have a family argument while driving – and it can be over £1k.

Brits heading out on road trips could be slapped with the hefty penalty this summer.

Long driving hours can get daunting and some people like to start conversations with family members.

But conversations can escalate and you can end up in frosty discussions that might shift your attention away from the wheel.

Motoring experts at Hippo Leasing have advised people to be careful as the habit can get them into a driving penalty.

They said: "Being cooped up in a car with your family for an extended time is always going to lead to bickering whether it’s between the children or adults."

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By doing so, one can be hit by an eye-watering fine that could ruin the holidays.

"Joining in on an argument whilst driving, even if it’s just trying to diffuse the children's bickering, could therefore result in a £1,000 fine for not having proper control of a vehicle," experts added.

But if brawls get into fights, agitated drivers can be unable to focus on the highway.

They said: "Rule 144 of the Highway Code states that you must not drive without due care and attention."

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If you get into an unavoidable argument with family, it is recommended to pull over when safe to do so and calm down before continuing your journey.

Experts at Hippo Leasing also revealed a list of common habits drivers commit that could also be fined.

Playing family car games to pass the time or overloading your car could both result in thousands out of your pocket.

"Taking your eyes off the road to participate in the game could lead to losing attention of the traffic and road ahead, or worse, losing control of the vehicle entirely.

"Failure to have proper control of the vehicle or full view of the road and traffic ahead carries a £1,000 fine and three points on your license," driving experts said.

Others include swapping drivers halfway through the journey costing a whooping £2,500 or vlogging your trip whilst driving resulting in paying £200 on the spot.

Parents should also be aware of not securing their children in the car seat correctly as they could be slapped with a £500 fine.

The warning comes as drivers were warned that they risk a heavy fine if they use a parent-child bay even when they have kids in the car.

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The bays, often found the near the entrances to supermarkets, offer parents a handy place to park and shop.

But now drivers have been warned that they risk a £100 fine by using the bays even when there are children in the car with them.

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