Drivers are genuinely stunned to learn there's a hidden pull-out trick to turn on their fog lights | The Sun

DRIVERS of a specific car have only just discovered a hidden trick to turning on a key safety feature.

Car enthusiasts regularly take to social media to share their motoring tips, tricks, and hacks.

TikTok page @bellthebuggy shares content dedicated to a green Volkswagon Beetle called Bell.

In a recent video, Bell's owner replied to an avid follower who asked how to turn on the fog lights in their Beetle.

The woman sat in the driver's seat of her car and directed viewers to the left of their steering wheel column.

Here there is a black dial with a number of symbols all related to the lights on the vehicle.

Turning on your fog lights usually involves an extra step as it is illegal in most states to drive with such bright lights when visibility is good, therefore having the extra step means it is harder to accidentally turn them on.

The driver turned the dial to the right which caused the dial to light up.

"To turn on your fog lights you have to pull it out," she said as the pulled the switch towards her.

She then went to the front of her car to film the impact this had on the headlights.

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However, in the video, she actually shows herself turning on the high beam rather than the fog lights which are located on the left side of the dial.

High beams are identified by the symbol of a headlight and five straight lines in front of it.

Meanwhile, fog lights have the symbol of a headlight with a wavy vertical line and straight horizontal lines going through it to depict the beams cutting through the fog.

When your fog lights or high beam are on, the equivalent symbol will light up on your dashboard.

The front fog light symbol tends to shine green and point to the left meanwhile, the rear fog light terms to be amber pointing to the right.

Viewers of Bell the Buggy were shocked to make the discovery.


Another commented: "Tell me why I didn't know this about my car…"

The TikToker replied: "It's okay, I didn't know about this up until like five months ago lol."

"Oh my god?????? I’ve had my car for two years and I’m just now finding out about this," a third wrote.

Meanwhile, others asked: "How y'all are passing the driving exam without basic knowledge?"

Some Volkwagon beetle owners commented to say that their older models do not have the same feature.

"I just got out of bed to see if this was the same for my 2009 bug and it wasn't," one wrote.

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Another said: "If this doesn't work for older bug owners: turn on the regular lights with the dial shown in the vid.

"Push your turn signal FORWARD (towards the road) not up and down like you're going to actually use the turn signal. Boom! Brights!!

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