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THE Amazon Fire Stick is an excellent TV service but it's sadly not immune to the pitfalls other streaming platforms fall into.

There's two features on most platforms that users find annoying that cant actually be switched off if you know these tricks.

Navigation noises

When you navigate with the Fire Stick remote, your TV will make little navigation clicks when you move between icons and make selections.

This can grow very tiresome, particularly when you've got browsers block and are scrolling through hundreds of titles.

Thankfully, Amazon has included a way to shut it off.

Just follow these steps:


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  • Open Settings by holding down the Home button on the remote (or ask Alexa to take you there).
  • Inside Settings, select Display & sounds.
  • Select Audio.
  • Disable the navigation sounds.

Autoplay jump scares

Like Netflix before it, Fire TV has adopted the much-despised autoplay feature.

It means that trailers for content plays automatically, with sound.

This can give you a real fright if you've turned the volume on high the day before, or are trying to indulge in a late-night binge while the kids are asleep.

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Again, Amazon has created a way for users to turn this off.

Here's how:

  • Head to Settings.
  • Go to Preferences.
  • Click Featured content.
    • Here, you will find options to disable autoplay video, autoplay audio, or both.

    Pro tip: you can also turn off autoplay trailers on Netflix, too.

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