I'm a mechanic with 55 years experience – here's the car brand I would NEVER buy… you'll waste all your money | The Sun

AN EXPERT mechanic has revealed the car brand he would NEVER buy.

Scotty Kilmer has worked on motors for 55 years and his trusty opinion is reflected by the 5.9million subscribers he's amassed on social media.

In a video posted to TikTok, the helpful car guru told his followers: "Today I'm going to rate European cars.

"Number one would be Volvo, even though they are owned by a Chinese company, they're still solid built vehicles that can last.

"Number two is Volkswagen, which of course also owns Porsche and Audi.

"Sure they're not as reliable as the old Volkswagen Beetle but they can be decent cars in the short run.

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"Number three is Mercedes-Benz, sure they got their butts kicked by Lexus but they're more dependable than BMW.

"They're fun to drive but the BMW logo most people say stands for Big Money Waster.

"And last on the list is Jaguar Land Rover, if you like spending money on expensive cars and super expensive repairs, get yourself a Jaguar."

Scotty has offered other words of wisdom, from his 55 years experience.

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The expert mechanic also revealed why he would never buy an electric car, saying the benefits are a myth.

His video title promises "proof" that the cars, which are all the rage amid the race to Net Zero, are a "scam".

Plus, he shared his golden advice on the WORST car to buy second hand – don't be caught out.

And, Scotty told drivers about an easy check that can guarantee you're not being ripped off when you buy a used car.

Meanwhile another expert mechanic revealed five common scams everyone falls for at the garage – with dodgy workmen even faking leaks.

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