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A WOMAN has revealed how she saves £1,500 a month living in her Tesla with her pets – and said the touch screen makes it a perfect home.

Stephanie Virovec, originally from Canada, spent years living with her former partner in the US after leaving her hometown of Alberta.

When the pair split up, she decided to uproot her life – quitting her job as a shop assistant in Costco, giving up her condo, and moving into a 2020 long-range Tesla with her recuse cat Finley, four, and dog Snow, two.

Stephanie has spent the past year travelling across the continent in her ex's car– saving herself £1,500 per month.

“The relationship, unfortunately, did not work out, and we broke up early last year, but my ex was very kind to gift me the Tesla, as a way for me to road trip home to Canada, she said.

“I wanted to try the nomadic lifestyle because I realised that the life I had been living in my condo was not well-suited to me.


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“I was struggling with my mental health, and especially, once Covid began, I realised how short life was".

Stephanie decided to make the bold move out of her condo and into the car after watching the van lifers online for a number of years.

Stephanie first set off in March 2022 and luckily, the car didn't need any renovations or alterations and was perfect to travel in.

She told NeedToKnow: “I haven’t officially renovated anything, not yet anyway.

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“I have plans to remove the backseats and maybe install a lift kit, but for now, I just keep the backseats folded down with my mattress right on top.

The woman considered selling the Tesla to move into something bigger but said she would have missed features such as the AC that the car provides.

But this isn't the only feature that convinced Stephanie to continue living out of her Tesla.

“I also have a touch screen, which is great to watch YouTube or Netflix!

“[The car’s] 'dog mode’ allows me to leave the pets in the car with the heat or AC running too, windows and doors locked, and a temperature monitor and interior camera streaming to my phone.

“This gives me the peace of mind that I need to go grocery shopping or take a shower while knowing that the pets will be safe," she added.

By living in the car, Stephanie estimates she spends £1,177 per month, compared to the £2,748 she spent back when she stayed in her condo in Canada.

So far, she has travelled to Montana, Washington, Idaho, Utah, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, and Arizona, and is currently exploring British Columbia.

She said: “I now spend money on the occasional parking spot, campsite fees, my phone bill, and food.

“Whereas when I lived in the flat, I also had to pay the car on top, as well as the mortgage and insurance.”

The content creator spends her days going for walks with her pets, hanging out in coffee shops, working out, or spending time in nature.

They stay in car parks, campsites or simply roll up the car on the side of the road.

Stephanie added: “Each day is a little different depending on where we are, which I really love!

“They [Finley and Snow] both settle down right away when we get in and since we usually use it [the car] just for sleeping or driving, they’re very used to having quiet time inside.

Stephanie has also swapped a bathroom for public facilities, showering in gyms, campsites, pools, or friends' houses.

She has a hot plate for cooking but says she has gotten used to living off food to go.

“I can cook anywhere since I have a portable battery bank that can power the hot plate and also have all of my cooking utensils with me all the time," she said.

“I use a food-safe all-purpose spray and paper towel to clean my dishes, and then rinse with water.”

Stephanie has no “solid” plans for her future and is happy to simply keep travelling for now.

She added: “I don’t have any solid future travel plans yet but I think I’ll be road-tripping to the east coast of Canada and then down through eastern USA at some point in the future!

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“Currently, I plan to live in the Tesla until I find the perfect van or tiny house to move to next – whichever comes first!”

This comes after another man revealed that he lives in his Vauxhall MPV to avoid paying any rent and saves a whopping £900 a month in the process.

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