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YOU can avoid paying a £100 parking fine with a little-known loophole.

Expert Scott Nelson said that you can successfully appeal a ticket through the "grace period rule".

Writing for Money Nerd, he said: "The law states that you shouldn’t be given a parking fine if you bought a valid ticket and only overstayed in the car park by ten minutes or less.

"The grace period applies on public land or in private car parks.

"So if a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) or private firm attendant issued you with a parking fine when you overstayed by less than ten minutes, you can use this loophole to get out of having to pay."

Scott is also urging drivers to check their parking tickets for a hidden detail which could help them appeal and win.

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The savings expert told The Sun that some parking tickets have a crucial detail which could let drivers appeal and win.

Scott said: "The most effective way to get out of a parking ticket is to know your rights as a driver.

"It's shocking how much murkiness there is on the subject.

"There are likely tens of thousands of tickets given out each year that could have been successfully appealed with the right information."

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Scott explained that a little-known loophole offers drivers the chance to appeal a ticket and win.

He said: "It's always worth checking your parking ticket to see whether it was issued by a member of a trade association, like the British Parking Association (BPA) or International Parking Community (IPC).

"If it wasn't, then the issuer can't legally request your details from the DVLA.

"Unless you willingly give them your details, they'll be unlikely to pursue you for the fine.

"So in that circumstance, you'll be off the hook."


Scott also shared his tips for drivers who get a ticket at a hospital car park.

He said: "Many UK hospitals employ private operators to run their car parks and they can be pretty trigger-happy with tickets.

"But if your appointment was late or you were delayed getting back to your car because of an emergency during the hospital visit, those are great grounds to appeal.

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"Likewise, I've seen tickets given when a car is broken down.

"If that happens to you, just get your insurance or recovery company to show proof you had a breakdown – that should be enough to appeal."

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