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A MECHANIC with more than 55 years of experience has revealed what to do when bizarre lights start to flash in your car.

Scotty Kilmer, with more than five million followers on social media,says you need a scan tool to discover why the engine management light on your dashboard has turned on.

But TikTok user @scottykilmerofficial insisted that you don't need to spend hundreds on this electronic tool because most garages wouldn't charge you for using it.

He says: "In this case, it's P0 46. What does that mean? It's an antipollution thing."

"Sometimes is a bad gas cap, but in this case, the cap has already been changed.it's been on for months, and it runs perfectly fine."

The mechanic warned drivers that if the light is flashing on and off, it means that you have a serious problem in your vehicle.


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Scotty continues: "But in this case, I have had people drive them for years this way.

"Now my customers want me to figure out, so I'm going to get my smoke machine, put smoke and find the leak.

"But if you got this, you could live with it for years as long as you don't need it for some kind of emissions inspection."

The video has gone viral on TikTok with more than 122,100 views – and users were quick to comment below.

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One said: "Good to see on TikTok, Scott. Love your videos on YouTube learned so much, and they are very helpful."

He answered: "Thank you."

Another said: "Thank you so much, Scotty."

While a third pointed out: "This is exactly the problem I have with my car."

This comes after a driver was left horrified after a stranger scrawled a rude message on their car, but people are divided.

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