‘Simple task’ stops clothes developing ‘musty smells’ in the washing machine

Daily Express shares washing machine cleaning hacks

Over time, clothes can turn sour, musty and mouldy-smelling for many reasons.

Leaving clothes in the machine for too long after washing them, excess moisture in the item’s material and a dirty washing machine can all impact a garment’s scent.

If washing machines aren’t regularly cleaned, bacteria, mould, soap scum and hard water can build up and cause clothes to smell.

With this in mind, Dr. Beckmann has partnered with a renowned TV cleaning expert, influencer and household hack enthusiast, Lynsey Crombie.

Lynsey, also known as the Queen of Clean on Instagram, has shared her advice on how Britons can protect and prolong the lifespan of their washing machine.

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Lynsey said: “If you want clean clothes, it is paramount you look after your washing machine.

“A dirty machine will not clean your clothes… and instead they will come out with a musty smell or little dark marks that can be a real pain to get rid of.

“My mantra is ‘DON’T FORGET TO CLEAN THE THINGS THAT CLEAN FOR YOU’. Add in this simple task to your monthly cleaning planner and your machine and laundry will thank you for it.”

A spokesperson for Dr. Beckmann said it’s “crucial” Britons stay on top of cleaning bigger appliances like washing machines to ensure clothes stay as “fresh as possible”.

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They said: “If you regularly service and clean your appliances and give it that much needed TLC, then it helps to prolong the product’s lifespan, meaning you reduce costs in repairing and replacing your white goods.

“Our survey revealed that, if there was an easier way to clean their washing machines, over half of the nation (54 percent) would use it.”

There are a number of ways to clean washing machines including running a hot cycle with vinegar, using soda crystals or using a cleaner specifically for washing machines.

Washing machine cleaners can be bought online or from most local supermarkets.

Dr Beckmann Service-It Deep Clean costs £2 from Tesco and claims to remove “99.99 percent of bacteria, viruses, and fungi”.

Sainsbury’s Washing Machine Cleaner costs £2.50 and Dettol Washing Machine Cleaner costs £2.70 from Amazon.

The experts recommended cleaning washing machines once every two months or every 30 washes to ensure bacteria and limescale doesn’t build up which can affect the appliance’s efficiency.

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