Clean shower door with ‘game-changing’ spray which works instantly

Cleaning: Removing limescale from shower with 89p spray

Writing on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, Stephanie Hodge wrote: “Hi all. Is something able to help on what to use to clean a shower screen?

“I’ve tried lots of things but it never comes up well, thanks in advance.”

Showers and shower screens can get very dirty and smeary due to being used regularly, and can become stained with shampoo, conditioner or shower gels.

They are also a breeding ground for germs and bacteria so it is important to regularly clean them, at least once a week.

Taking to the comments, Emma-lee Barry said: “I asked this the other day and Vial was the top answer, it works brilliantly.

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“I just sprayed it all over the glass, left it for a few minutes and used a microfibre cloth to buff it away, it works in minutes.”

Kell Darby commented: “Use Viakal. Spray it on, wipe with a wet cloth and squeeze it down, it leaves glass sparkling”.

Regina Phalange noted: “Use Viakal but please be careful, I had a severe reaction with my breathing. 

“Open every window and follow instructions properly. It definitely does what it says and removes 100 percent of water marks and limescale, game-changing.”

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The product claims to remove even the “toughest limescale” and cleans soap scum and watermarks in the bathroom and kitchen.

It is safe to use on multiple surfaces including shower walls, taps, glass, doors, washbasins, bathtubs chrome, stainless steel and ceramic sinks.

It can be picked up for as little as £2.50 in stores such as Sainsbury’s, Asda, and Wilco.

Jemima Ruchat said: “I use a daily shower shine after each use, and it looks great.”

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Frances Baker replied and wrote: “That’s what I use all the time, never have a problem. It’s so cheap in Asda, 85p.”

Sophie Robson said: “Any shower spray does the job, it’s a lifesaver.” Shower sprays help to prevent soap scum, dissolve mildew as well as hard water stains.

As well as using a spray after every shower, it is also advised to disinfect the area at least once a week.

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