Quick solution removes creases and reduces wrinkles on clothes without an iron

Gemma Atkinson reveals she does not iron these items

There’s nothing worse than a creased shirt or a pair of wrinkled linen trousers, especially for those attending a wedding or a special event.

However, ironing can be laborious, especially if there’s a mountain of washing to get through.

And for those who don’t own an iron, removing wrinkles can be an even trickier task.

With this in mind, Fantastic Service’s domestic cleaning expert and supervisor Petya Holevich has shared a “quick” solution for removing creases and “reducing wrinkles” from laundry without using an iron.

Wrinkle-release sprays

Petya said wrinkle-release sprays are a “convenient solution” for those who need “quick touch-ups” or for those who don’t have access to an iron or steamer.

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To use the spray, hang the clothing item, lightly mist it with the spray, and gently smooth out the wrinkles with your hand or by shaking the fabric.

Petya continued: “These sprays contain a combination of ingredients that help relax the clothing fibres and reduce wrinkles.

“If you’re using a wrinkle-release spray, choose one with a pleasant scent to also freshen up your clothes.

“You can also make your own wrinkle-removing spray by mixing one part distilled white vinegar and two parts water.

“Alternatively, you can also add a small amount of fabric softener to water in a spray bottle.

“Keep in mind that this method works best for cotton clothes because they’re less likely to show water spots.”


For those in a hurry, a hairdryer can be used to remove creases from a clothing item or part of it.

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However, before doing this, read the care label as some materials could burn, wrinkle or shrink under the heat of a hairdryer.

Petya added: “Before you use it, lightly damped the wrinkled areas and blow dry them on the lowest heat setting.

“While doing this, make sure to keep the appliance at a safe distance from the fabric of around five centimetres.”

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