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IF you're fed up with receiving too many Ring doorbell notification there's a secret setting that could help.

One complaint people have about the Amazon Ring doorbell is that it can be a little overactive sometimes.

You might find that you get motion detection alerts even when someone isn't actually on your property.

But for some Ring doorbell models, you have an added option that could solve things.

It's known as Bird's Eye Zones that makes your Ring camera much more precise.

"Bird's Eye Zones allows you to create customised aerial-based motion zones, using radar technology, that can work with your camera's motion zones for more precise alerts," Amazon explained.

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"So you can get notified about activity in your front garden, not the pavement.

"If your radar-enabled device detects motion in a Bird's Eye Zone and also in one of your camera's motion zones, a motion event will be triggered.

"If a motion isn't detected by both views, the motion will be ignored, so that you get the notifications that matter the most to you."

You can use Bird's Eye Zones on the following Ring devices: Video Doorbell Pro 2, Floodlight Cam Wired Pro, and Spotlight Cam Pro.

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How to set up Bird's Eye Zones

Start by opening the Ring app.

Tap the gear icon in the corner of your chosen device.

Now tap 3D Motion Settings, followed by Bird's Eye Zones, then Set Up Feature.

Choose the location where your doorbellis installed, tap Continue, and then mark the location of your device.

Now tap Continue and then adjust your device angle to match the camera.

You may also need to select the mounting height of the device if you're using a Floodlight Cam Wired Pro.

Once you continue on, you'll be able to tap Set Up Zones to customise the Bird's Eye Zones.

Tap Edit Zone and then adjust it by tapping it and dragging the circles.

Finally tap Done, name the zone and save your settings.

You can then go outside and test the Bird's EyE zones to see if you need to adjust them.

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Remember that you can change your settings at any time, or even turn the Bird's Eye Zones off completely.

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