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A BLOKE has been advised to cut his losses after he racked up a £6,400 parking bill after leaving his car for a whopping 54 days.

TikTok user @akewlname was left stunned when he discovered the hefty price of parking his motor in the Chicago facility since May 3.

He seemingly hinted he was conducting an experiment to find out the cost of leaving your vehicle long-term in the online video.

The social media user filmed himself approaching the payment machine in a US car park with his ticket which shows he entered at around 7.20am on May 3.

He then slides the 54-day-old pass inside, before a tense few seconds pass by as he waits for the extortionate bill to blast on the screen.

The machine quickly calculates the cost for the 1298 hours his vehicle has supposedly spent in the car park in downtown Chicago.


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The staggering total came up to a whopping $8,175 (£6,400).

It means the motorist would have been forking out around £118 a day on parking.

Amazed by the hefty invoice, the driver then hastily cancels the transaction before the short clip then ends.

He captioned the footage: "This ticket from May 3 that I've been keeping to see how much parking costs I could rack up."

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It was unclear if the man actually owed the amount or whether he had held onto an old ticket to carry out his own research.

Either way, social media users were quick to share their advice in the comment section, with the majority telling him it would be more economical to abandon his car.

One joked: "You can just keep the car at that point. I paid $200 for it. Title will be in the glovebox."

Another said: "I would click lost ticket at this point lol."

A third wrote: "6k for 54 days is insane. Not even two months."

A fourth added: "Sheesh that's more expensive than parking tickets daily."

And a fifth chimed in: "You know they're watching it go up, rubbing their hands together thinking they're about to make racks off you.

"Hope it's just a ticket for fun!"

The TikToker also admitted that it would be "cheaper to get my car towed" than fork out for the bill when replying to comments.

His clip racked up a whopping 417,000 views as social media users shared their thoughts on the pricey parking.

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