People are just realizing Wi-Fi router must never be in 2 areas at home – mistake kills your speed and could ruin device | The Sun

WHERE you place your Wi-Fi router is very important and the wrong place can ruin your device.

If you want to protect your router and increase the likelihood of good Wi-Fi speeds, try avoiding two areas.

The first may seem obvious but some people may be tempted to put their router in this position in the summer.

You should avoid putting your Wi-Fi router in a garden or backyard.

Weather can affect your Wi-Fi signal as well as the distance between the router and your devices.

A lot of vegetation can also weaken the Wi-Fi signal, according to Gearrice.

If you want better Wi-Fi speeds while you're in your garden, try putting the router near a window.

This isn't recommended if you don't spend a lot of time outside as you''ll be sending signals outside for no reason.

The other place you should never put your Wi-Fi router is in a storage area.

Too much clutter around the device can affect the signal.

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You also risk blocking your router's vents and causing it too overheat.

Causing a device to overheat too often or leaving it in an extreme temperature can ruin it.

Instead, keep your Wi-Fi router in an open area, central in your home if possible.

Generally, the device should be raised off the ground.

Avoid metal objects and Bluetooth gadgets as both can negatively impact Wi-Fi speed.

Concrete is another material you should avoid when considering router placement.

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