Watch as aggressive "Karen" blocks parking space to reserve it for her disabled mum – but people are divided | The Sun

A SHOCKING video showing a woman attempting to block a driver from using an empty parking bay has left her branded a “Karen” – but viewers have been left divided on who’s in the wrong.

The middle-aged woman claims she is saving the spot for her disabled mother, although the driver says he works at the building just next to the bay and wants to start his shift as a maintenance man.

The footage begins with the male driver and “Karen” already in discussion about who has the best reason to park in the space.

After swapping stories, the woman becomes annoyed that the man is filming her with his mobile phone, so uses her own phone to record him.

She says: “Do you really want to be like that?

“Honestly, my mum’s 71 years old and disabled.


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“I came to find a spot so that she could walk across to the beach.

“Do you really want to be like that, sir?”

The man replies: “No, it’s just very ridiculous.

“But because I’m a kind person, I’m gonna let your disabled 71 year-old parent have the spot.

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“But just for future reference, saving parking spots by standing in them is – it just doesn’t work.”

Viewers were quick to comment on the disagreement.

One said: “She could drop her (mum) off closer and go park somewhere else that’s what I do.”

Another replied: “I’m with her on this one. You have no idea what she’s going through taking care of her mom! Be kind”

While another viewer commented: “If your mother has a disability, park in the place reserved for that, you won't bother people who aren't doing anything wrong.”

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