Top flooring improvement to ‘increase the desirability’ of your home

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According to Johanna Constantinou, brand communications director at Tapi, “modern” and “well-kept” flooring can help to “boost the value” of a home because they “increase the desirability” of a property.

The expert told “If you’re concerned about the floors, you’re choosing to impact the value of your home, then it may be good to choose something that is timeless, such as wood-effect vinyl, a stone-effect LVT, or a woollen carpet. 

“If you’re wanting to put smooth floors in your home, then you can choose something more budget-friendly, yet still modern and desirable, like laminate or vinyl, or something more luxurious such as LVT – all of which are quality products designed to stand the test of time. 

“Given the uncertainties of the economy and an increased desire for a feeling of sanctuary in our homes, many people are looking at how they can renovate their existing homes to add comfort as well as value, instead of relocating. 

“Wool carpets have become increasingly popular due to their timeless look and exceptional heat retention properties.”

According to the expert, they provide a robust and durable option for those looking to install comfort without compromising on quality.

Wool carpets are “perfect” for achieving this and adding value to a property with a quality product, according to the pro.

She added: “Not only this, but wool carpets are exceptional for retaining warmth and were used in British homes before central heating existed, although seen as a luxury. Now, these will be a fantastic option for those looking to reduce their heating bills.”

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Herringbone flooring can also add value to a home and is extremely popular due to its consistent pattern and durability.

While real wood herringbone can be extremely expensive, it also comes in the form of vinyl and carpet, providing multiple options for Britons.

Poor flooring could be a deterrent to buyers, either offering a lower price on a property or avoiding it altogether.

For Britons who are renting but wish to spruce up their flooring which isn’t carpet, vinyl tiles could be the best option.

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The flooring expert continued: “While we may be seeing interior design becoming bolder and more adventurous, this doesn’t mean people won’t consider durability, given the current state of the economy. 

“Fortunately, LVT offers the best of both worlds! They’re water resistant and cushioned, making them accessible and practical.

“LVT are becoming popular because people want to achieve the ‘expensive’ or natural look with hassle-free maintenance.”

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