‘Very effective’ tip to get rid of mosquitoes – they ‘cannot stand the aroma’

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There are more than 30 native mosquito species in the UK, some of which bite and others like that are just a general nuisance and do not carry disease. 

Mosquitoes can be a real nuisance, leaving people with nasty itchy bites. Those bites all come from the female. The male mosquito prefers to feed on nectar and other sweet things.

Mosquitoes are usually active in the UK for six to seven months of the year. These pests will often start to breed in April if conditions are warm and wet enough, potentially through to late September.

So how is it possible to get rid of mosquitoes in homes and gardens for good? If the infestation is small then the first thing to try is natural methods, but if it gets worse or keeps coming back call in the experts.

To naturally get rid of these pests, Jordan Foster of Fantastic Pest Control has shared his top tips. He said: “Watching the sunset from your porch or taking a walk around the yard at night may become an unpleasant experience due to nasty mosquitoes flying around. 

“That being said, it’s our responsibility to control the blood-sucking pests around our properties and to protect our homes from them. The good news is that you can protect yourself without the use of chemical repellents.”

The expert claimed that the “best way to get rid of mosquitoes in your house” is to fix gaps in screens and doors. He said: “Although it might sound a bit old-school, it makes perfect sense. If you don’t want mosquitoes inside your house, just don’t let them in.”

Insects and bugs can be controlled by repairing obvious gaps in window screens and doors. Even a small tear can allow bugs to enter. For those who don’t already have them, they should install window screens.

Another natural way to get rid of these insects is to use either citronella or lavender-scented candles around the house.

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Jordan said: “Citronella candles and lavender candles are very effective at repelling mosquitoes – the insects cannot stand the aroma.”

However, the downside of the method is that it works only against mosquitoes that are in close proximity to the candle. 

Some essential oils are also known to repel mosquitoes. The expert said: “The best option for you is to use essential oils that are made from lavender, lemon, or eucalyptus. Lemongrass, peppermint, clove, and tea tree oil are options, as well.”

Simple prep work is required for this method so start by pouring a few drops of the chosen essential oil into a spray bottle with water, shake it, and “you have an anti-mosquito spray”.

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Jordan claimed that it can be applied directly to the skin and around the house, but be careful with fabrics as this can stain them.

Households should also invest in a mosquito net for a night of better sleep. Drape the mosquito net evenly around the bed so that it touches the floor on all sides. 

The pest control guru said: “Only this measure alone can effectively prevent the flying insects from biting you in your sleep, especially if there are open windows and doors nearby.”

To deter them from gardens, Britons are recommended to remove standing water as Jordan noted that water is “essential” to mosquitoes. He explained: “The best method to decrease their population is to find and eliminate their breeding grounds. For this reason, you should remove any standing water.”

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