‘Effectively’ unblock clogged drains in 15 minutes without ‘aggressive’ products

Mrs Hinch's best tips for clearing your sink drains

There are a few different reasons why blockages occur, but they are most often caused by items such as wet wipes flushed down the toilet and oil poured down the sink. Over time, these items stick together and build up to block pipes and drains.

The bathroom experts at Villeroy & Boch said: “You can buy special chlorine-based drain cleaners in shops.

“However, chlorine is very aggressive and can irritate the skin and airways. Chlorine is also harmful to the environment and should be used only sparingly.

“You can use far gentler products than chlorine to clear a blocked drain.

“Blocked drains are usually caused by organic materials which can be treated very effectively with some products.”

1. Vinegar and baking powder

To clean the drain and sink using vinegar and baking powder, sprinkle a few tablespoons of baking powder into the drainage pipe.

Follow with around half a cup of white vinegar which causes a chemical reaction in the drain to release carbon dioxide.

The experts said: “The bubbling and fixing of the mixture loosens the blockage.

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“Leave the solution to work for around 15 minutes and then rinse with hot water. If you don’t have any baking powder at home, you can use vinegar and salt instead.”

2. Washing soda and citric acid

This mixture works on a similar principle to vinegar and baking powder.

However, it is gentler and needs to be left to work for at least one hour, and it may need repeat applications.

3. Dishwasher tablets

The experts continued: “For stubborn blockages in a drainage pipe, you can use dishwasher tablets.

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“Dissolve them in hot water and then pour the liquid slowly into the drain, just a small amount at a time.”

Make sure to use the hard dishwasher tablets for this hack as they will dissolve properly instead of bursting.

4. Coke

This soft drink is a popular cleaning product when it comes to making the bathroom clean again.

It can be used to unblock drains as well as tackle limescale in the toilet or around taps.

It contains phosphoric acid which is effective against organic materials, according to the bathroom pros.

They added: “In the evening, pour a litre of coke into the drain and then leave it to work overnight to dissolve the blockage.”

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