People are just realizing Wi-Fi router speeds are killed by 2 types of gadget most of us have at home – check device now | The Sun

IF you suffer from slow Wi-Fi speeds at home, some of your gadgets could be to blame.

Common household items are often the culprit when it comes to draining routers of top-performing speeds but luckily this issue is easy to fix.

We've rounded up two common household items that might be slowing down your Wi-Fi speed.

The first is Bluetooth speakers or sound systems.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth use similar radio frequencies, so this can result in disruption to either of them.

If you have wireless speakers set up near your Wi-Fi router, it's worth moving them to see if things improve.

Secondly, any devices that you use to stream content can significantly reduce Wi-Fi speeds.

This includes your smartphone, tablets, laptops, and smart TVs.

It's not unusual to have multiple devices relying on your home Wi-Fi at the same time.

However, a lot of us forget to turn the items we're not using off until we need them again.

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If you need your home Wi-Fi to work fast for an important video chat, try switching off Wi-Fi on your phone and disconnecting other devices you're not using.

You may also want to use Ethernet cables for Wi-Fi hunger gadgets.

Verizon advises customers to do this on its website.

It says: "Connect devices, such as gaming consoles, directly to the router using an Ethernet cable to free up some of the wireless capacity."

It then advises testing your Wi-Fi connection again to see if it's improved.


You should put your Wi-Fi router as central in your home as possible.

Generally, you should keep it in an open area that's raised off the ground.

Always make sure your router is plugged into the master socket rather than an extension cable so it works faster.

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