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THE days of sharing a Netflix account among friends and family are gone.

Netflix banned viewers who don't live under the same roof as the primary account holder from streaming content last week – which has left some customers vowing to quit.

But savvy tech users have adopted a 'rules are made to be broken' approach and have taken this on as a fresh challenge.

In doing so, they believe they'vecome up with a way to get past the password sharing crackdown.

However, any work-around tricks are against Netflix rules and could see you blocked from the platform.

It's also possible the streaming giant might swoop in and squash this workaround before it gets too popular.


Netflix password sharing crackdown can actually help SAVE users cash – here’s how

How to cancel Netflix and can I do it on my phone?

If you don’t watch Netflix on a smart TV or via a streaming box like a Roku or Apple TV, you don’t need to set a household for your account, according to a report by Life Hacker.

If you stream from your phone, tablet, and laptop, it should feel like nothing’s changed.

To watch on the big screen with no extra monthly fee, users can then cast their phone screen to their TV, or even connect their laptop to the telly with an HDMI cable.

If the streaming giant does send you a “Netflix is meant for you and the people you live with" warning, and the person whose name is on the account doesn't live too far, then you should go over.

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Connecting the device you watch Netflix on to the Wi-Fi of the primary account holder's location at least once every 31 days willensure uninterrupted access.

This is because Netflix tracks its users IP addresses (as well as device IDs and account activity) to determine whether viewers are in the same household or not.

"If a Netflix account is used by a device that is not associated with the primary account owner's household, the device will need to be verified before it can be used to watch Netflix," the company writes.

"We do this to confirm that the device using the account is authorised to do so."

This hack isn't ideal if you prefer to watch Netflix on a TV without the hassle of dealing with screen mirroring or cables.

The other alternative is code sharing.

Or, you can simply pay for your own subscription – but make sure you properly weigh up which package is right for you.

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