People are just realizing Wi-Fi speeds ‘slowed’ by two common household items – check your router right now | The Sun

COMMON gadgets that a lot of us have at home can silently kill Wi-Fi speeds.

If you have one near your router, you should try moving it for a better chance of browsing the web faster.

AT&T revealed the culprit devices on its website.

It stated: "If electronics, like speakers or sound systems, are near the modem, the interference those devices emit can affect your speeds and slow down speeds."

This especially applies to any Bluetooth speakers or other devices.

So, if you have speakers or a sound system near your router, consider rearranging your gadgets.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth use similar radio frequencies, so this can result in disruption to either of them.

A quick test that could reveal whether Bluetooth is indeed the problem is by turning it off temporarily to see if things improve.

Slide down from your iPhone or Android device and tap the Bluetooth icon.

However, don't forget there are many Bluetooth-enabled gadgets these days, such as keyboards, a computer mouse, and even TVs.

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The position of your router will determine whether you move it or the speakers first.

If your router is in a central location in your home and is raised off the ground then it's probably best to find a new place for the speakers.

Wi-Fi routers are also affected by objects like fridges, microwaves, fish bowls, mirrors, and baby monitors.

You need to make sure the vents of the modem are not blocked by the location you put it in.

Glass is also a bad idea and any window in general.

Unless you want Wi-Fi access while you're in the garden, putting a router near a window just sends signals outside for no reason.

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