Property expert shares vital tips to save money when moving home

Phil Spencer shares his tips for buying a new property

Moving home has always been expensive, with lots of hidden costs for homeowners. However, new data compiled by Admiral has shown the total cost has risen by 24 percent in one year.

Jonathan Rolande, founder of House Buy Fast, commented: “These figures are the latest blow for Britons already reeling from the cost of living crisis.

“The fact is it costs loads more to keep your items in a locked storage room will be particularly hard to bear.

“But with many people downsizing to try and save a bit of money, storage can be an attractive option. 

“Labour costs for removers have increased as have their fuel prices, impacting long distance moves. As land costs have increased too, storage has become more expensive as a result.”

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Luckily, there are a variety of ways to try and save money, whether you’re a homeowner or a tenant, according to the expert.

If you’re buying or selling a home, Jonathan recommended negotiating with the estate agents. He said: “Agents will want to charge around 1.5 percent plus VAT.

“This is over £5,000 for an average home. Aim one percent plus VAT and that’s a saving of £1,680.

“Also order your own extras like an EPC or professional photos, agents mark them up.”

It is also advised to use a good solicitor, searching around for a recommended one and avoiding using the one offered by the agent, as they might be on a commission.

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With rent prices on the rise too, tenants are facing high costs when it comes to moving home.

Jonathan recommended not paying fees to the landlord or agent as they are not allowed to charge them.

He added: “Finding a property is tough too but don’t commit to paying more than you can afford just to secure the right property.

“Instead, get your application ready with bank statements, personal references and employment information.

“Carry out a credit check on yourself to avoid wasted applications if there is something adverse. If a landlord tries to charge more rent because you have a pet, offer an increased deposit instead. You should get this back at the end of your tenancy, unlike the rent.”

If you have lots of items and no space for them, consider asking friends and family to store them rather than paying a depot.

However, the property expert said insurance may not cover any losses so make sure it is nothing expensive or get insurance.

Jonathan added: “Other ways to reduce cost include selling any unwanted items before you pack them and pack yourself so you only need a basic removal service.

“If you’re able, offer to disassemble furniture and clear the loft for a cheaper moving quote. Get your boxes from the supermarket, opt for fruit boxes which are the strongest.”

While you are still in the process of packing, make sure to cancel insurance and read metres on the day you move out, not forgetting the water meter.

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