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NOBODY likes battling with their battery health.

But there’s a way to sniff out the vampire apps that are sucking your Android’s power dry – and get rid of them for good.

There are a number of factors that turn an app into a battery killer.

Heavy background data harvesting, location services, too many notifications and widgets can all put a dampener on battery health. 

To weed them out, all you need is a device running Android 12 and above.

It takes just a couple of minutes if you follow these steps:


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Open Settings and tap Battery.

On this screen, you’ll want to tap Battery Usage where you can see a list of all the apps you have installed – as well as the percentage of battery they've used in the past 24hours.

This is where you can forge a game plan to reclaim your battery.

If you find an app using a considerable amount of energy – typically in the double-digits of battery usage – you should either check for an update on that app or consider uninstalling it. 

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However, if there is not an update available for an app and you don't want to delete it – or can’t – it might be worth restarting your device.

If the problem app is still draining your battery, then it may be time to ditch it for good.

Alternatively, if you’d rather slap a plaster on the problem rather than resolve it, you can Force Stop the app to close it completely.

This will stop all the background activity the app might be getting up to.

You can do this on the Battery Usage page, by tapping the suspected app and clicking Force Stop out of the given options.

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