Don't open your car door the wrong way… using new safety method could save your life | The Sun

DRIVERS need to be more careful about how they open their door when leaving a car as it could save their life, a car expert claims.

The latest recommendation is for motorists to use the 'Dutch Reach' method, as it helps to give you clearer sight of your surroundings when you exit.

It's designed to increase overall safety by encouraging drivers (or passengers) to open the car door using the hand that's furthest away.

In the UK, that means the driver should open the door using their left hand, while the front passenger should use their right hand.

This method helps drivers look for oncoming cyclists and any other potential hazards.

Over 500 people across England, Wales and Scotland are injured every year because someone opens a car door into their path, according to data from We are cycling UK.


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The poster says on the video: "You've been opening a car door wrong all this time."

"You should be using the Dutch-Reach method – open the car door with your left hand.

"This forces your head to look directly to the side and towards the rear of your car.

"So you can have full visibility of the immediate area."

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According to the AA, 71% of women and 58% of men had never heard about the 'Dutch Reach' method.

Rule 239 of the Highway Code says, "You MUST ensure you do not hit anyone when you open your door. Check for cyclists or other traffic."

The video was published to TikTok by Car experts at What Car? – and has had hundreds of views.

However, people in the comment were not too convinced about this method.

One said: "I'm Dutch, and nobody does that here."

Another said: "Just glance in the f***** mirror."

A third pointed out: "I'm Belgian, and I just open it without looking if you walk past, you have a problem."

This comes after a motoring expert has revealed how properly using wing mirrors can make parking a breeze.

Plus, a new list of banned number plates has also been revealed following the launch of the "23" plate for vehicles.

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