Watch as jokers test out if We Buy Any Car lives up to its name by offering up a ‘crime scene motor’ for sale | The Sun

Pranksters claim they were left stunned when they pretended to be criminals trying to offload a blood-splattered hatchback to a well-known motors firm.

Josh Pieters and Archie Manners, both 29, were keen to test if We Buy Any Car could actually live up to their name – and somehow they managed to pull off the sale, despite them presenting a particularly dodgy-looking motor.

The pair smeared fake blood over a Kia Picanto and filled the boot with rope, cable ties and even real hair – to appear like they were gangsters making a quick getaway.

A viral video shows the visibly nervous pair parking their vehicle at We Buy Any Car's Putney branch, South London, and telling the worker they 'need to get rid of it quickly'.

After being quoted £196, Archie takes a hammer from the driver's seat, passes it to Josh and asks him to 'give it a wipe' despite the worker being stood next to them.

Although there is fake blood smeared on the number plate and the open boot supposedly filled with crime scene props, the sale goes ahead.


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However the staff member says 'I don't know what's going on, but you guys shouldn't have sold it. You should have scrapped it'.

He even asks 'have I got anything to worry about?' but after being reassured by Archie he simply says 'cool, the money will come in three hours'.

In a bizarre final exchange he says 'don't take the motorway if you're smart. Use the dual carriageway'.

The pair have since explained they're shocked We Buy Any Car actually bought the car despite their efforts to appear like they were some sort of criminals making a getaway.

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The video showing the bizarre experiment has been viewed more than 20,000 times and liked more than 1,000 times since being posted last Wednesday [May 3].

Josh said: "We thought they had a fascinating name because they're one of the only companies who state exactly what they do in it and we wanted to see if it's true or not.

"We were trying to make it out like we were the most clumsy and lazy criminals in the world because we'd left every piece of evidence sticking out in the back of the car.

"He (the worker) just did his job. He was supposed to buy any car and it wasn't his business why it was there or what it was there for.

The YouTubers, who have more than 1.2 million subscribers, titled the video 'do We Buy Any Car really buy any car?' 

And it has more than 100 comments from baffled users.

One commented: "Holy moly, can't believe the second one bought the car."

A second said: "I can't believe he said you should have scrapped it."

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A third simply added: "Epic video!"

We Buy Any Car declined to comment after being shown the clips by reporters.

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