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A MAN has claimed he’s come up with a clever cleaning hack which means drivers will never have to pay for car wash again.

The person appeared on the “Today Years Old” account via Twitter to reveal his apparent money and time saving tip, calling it “high key genius”.

At the start of the short clip, he can be seen to be pouring what appears to be cleaning fluid directly into the tube of a garden hose while the voiceover says: “I’m never paying for a car wash again.”

It then adds: “Keep the hose off then pour soap down it.”

The man can then be seen attaching the hose nozzle back on.

He then sprays the soap and water all over his car, with the advice: “Spray till the soap’s gone and then I got a clean car.”

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The footage continues showing the man spray his car all over with the soapy mixture.

The clip has been a big hit on the social media site, notching up nearly 7million viewers and more than 104,000 likes in around 24 hours since it was posted on May 6.

Eagle-eyed commentators though spotted an error the man had made while cleaning – he left his sunroof open.

One commentator wrote: “Be a little more genius if he closed the sun roof.”

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Another added: “kinda wanna try this the next time I wash my car. But, I think this guy left his sunroof open!”

While a third said: “And you get to clean the interior at the same time. I gotta go try this.”

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