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APPLE has hiked the maximum value of trade-ins for old iPhones for millions of customers – but it's bad news for Brits.

It's a money-making trick for Apple fans, where they can get cash back for their old devices, including iPads, Macs and Apple Watches.

The tech giant has raised the maximum amount customers in the US can receive for their pre-loved electronics by as much as $30 (£24) on some items.

Although this price bump only typically applied to newer devices that were released in the past four years or so.

However, a number of trade-in values in the UK have fallen.

Apple doesn’t always offer a trade-in option for your device, especially if it’s older, not working, or has damage.


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The company's trade-in values are almost always lower than what third-party buyback specialists or mobile service providers offer.

The maximum trade-in value is usually whittled down to account for these imperfections.

If Apple doesn’t make an offer on a device, you can still give it to them and Apple will “recycle it for free.”

But there are alternatives.

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Where else can I go to trade my iPhone?

  • Carphone Warehouse – You can try their trade-in calculator to see how much you'd get.
  • eBay
  • Facebook
  • Sell to a friend

Alternatively, you can donate it.

You can Virgin Media O2's Community Calling scheme, in partnership with Hubbub.

Vodafone's Great British Tech Appeal, or you could test out Three's Reconnected programme.

You don't have to be with the networks to donate.

But once rehomed, each recipient gets access to free data so they can use the device.

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