People are only just realising there’s a secret compartment in Mini cars that can keep your valuables safe from thieves | The Sun

DRIVERS have been blown away after discovering a secret compartment in Mini cars that can keep their valuables safe from thieves.

While many of us spend our lives in our cars, it's probably fair to say that we don't know all the features of our motor.

TikTok user @fenokami uploaded a video showing the secret silvery compartment that Mini cars have in their dashboard.

The poster simply presses down on the panel and it then pops open revealing a sort of mini glove compartment behind it.

She said: "Uh, Im in the process of cleaning my car that I've had for four or five years now.

"And I have discovered that this thing opens – a secret compartment in my car that I had no idea was here. What the f***."


Drivers are only just realising there’s a secret compartment in car doors

Drivers are just discovering a secret compartment in their car

The poster titled the video: "I think I might be really d*** omg."

In a similar video uploaded by another TikTok user – people were blown away after realising that their MINI has a secret compartment.

One said: "Thank you for this important information."

Another said: "I'm sorry….. is that a MINI? How do you open it?"

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However, it seems the hidden compartment has been discontinued on newer models, as one person added: “They stopped it after 2014, unfortunately.”

Another commentator said: "I have a 2018 Cooper, and it's not on mine. I was disappointed."

Motorists have been heading online recently to reveal the secret compartments they’ve found in their vehicles.

One driver showed the compartment under the passenger seat of their Fiat 500 that opens up and has extra storage space.

And Skoda included a compact foldable umbrella on the door of their Superb saloon.

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