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A DRIVER claims that after buying a Tesla, he immediately regretted it because of the poor quality and appalling customer service.

The man was fuming after having issues with the delivery of his brand-new Tesla Model X, which cost more than £90,000.

Reddit user @u/nauplion claimed this was his second Tesla purchase, but vowed he would never buy another motor from the US company again.

He started by saying: "On the delivery date, I found the car had scratches on the tailgate and a few other issues. Usual Tesla delivery experience. I just accepted the delivery and brought it to a local service centre after a week.

"On my first service centre visit: They mentioned the car would be ready in a week, but no update after a week. I contacted them, and the car was not fixed at all due to parts hold. I came to the service centre to pick up a car. The scratches were buffed out, at least.

"On the second visit,the parts arrived. They replaced defective parts with new ones. They also tried to fix a gap in the passenger-side dashboard interior trim.


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"It was not fixed, so I decided to pass on it. However, a rattling/squeaking issue started after their repair attempt. I scheduled another visit to fix this issue.

He added: "This p****d me off. Every time I visit the service centre, it introduces another significant problem. I returned to the centre and asked a rep to schedule a repair to a different service centre since I could no longer trust their service."

The man claims that he received a message through the Tesla app telling him he had to return to the original service centre.

He continues: "I genuinely regret buying a Tesla Model X. It costs £100k+ now, but it fails to deliver even a bare minimum quality of experience of getting a new car.

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"Their manufacturing quality is still s****y, and their repair service is even worse.

"There are few EV alternatives in the Model X segment, so I did not really consider other options when I decided to buy it.

"I am extremely disappointed with Tesla and seriously thinking about selling it after all the repairs are done to get a different electrical SUV."

People were quick to comment below.

One said: "I was totally shocked when I picked my X up from service, and it was completely filthy.

"I asked if they could send it through their car wash, and they said they don’t wash cars there (or have a car wash).

"This was after I had to deal with the fact that their loaner didn’t have tire chains (or AWD) and that they refused to deliver the vehicle or meet me halfway (I live 3 hours away). Mercedes handled all of those things when I had work done on my Sprinter."

Another said: "Same with my S. last couple of service centre visits – no wash, no loaner. I sold it recently and won’t be going back."

This comes after a driver who swapped their BMW for a Tesla is unhappy and says owning one of the US-made electric cars is 'not as great as the Tesla fanboys will have you believe'.

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