How your seatbelt can stop you buying a dodgy motor and possibly save your life – but not in the way you think | The Sun

A CAR expert claims that a seatbelt can help you identify a previously damaged car, and also possibly save your life, but just not in the way you maybe first think.

Although most people know that fastening their seatbelt is essential, few may be aware of the additional uses seatbelts offer or how they could help you in the process of buying a used car.

The TikTok video from @chequanlaosi starts with a tip for when you might need to move a broken-down car.

The car expert starts the video by saying: "90% of people only know to wear car seatbelts, but I bet you don't know a seatbelt had these four hidden functions."

"First, when the car breaks down, pull out the seatbelt all the way, close the door and then hang on the shoulder so you can control the direction with one hand.

"And then use your whole body to push the car.


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The car expert also revealed a tip to avoid purchasing a water-damaged car.

He continued: "Second, when buying a car, to prevent buying a flooded car, you must pull the seat belt to the bottom.

"Look at the bottom of the seatbelt, and if there's mud or a mouldy smell, it is likely to be a water bubble car.

The expert goes on to say that drivers should look at the seatbelt's tag to see when it was made.

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It's possible that the car may have been in an accident if the car's production date is earlier than the date on the seatbelt.

Lastly, he says that, in the event of an accident and being trapped in the car, you could use the metal belt buckle to smash the window and escape.

Most users were quick to comment that @chequanlaosi forgot to say you could use your seatbelt as a handy bottle opener, too.

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