I’m a skin expert… here is why TikTok’s pickle trend is VERY bad for you | The Sun

A SKINCARE expert has warned against drinking pickle juice as part of your skin care routine.

A recent viral TikTok trend touted pickle juice as a sure fire way to treat acne, serve as a makeup remover and remove dead skin cells.

While some TikTokers are drinking the juice, others are applying the extracted brine to their face to combat unwanted breakouts.

Thom Watson, a skincare expert at Humanery, has set out how damaging the habit can be, and suggests a safer alternative.

He said: “Applying pickles or pickle water directly to the skin is likely going to cause irritation, leave your skin inflamed, and will also leave behind a smell that will linger all day.

“If you’re worried about spending money on skincare in the cost of living crisis, please do not try applying pickle brine directly to your skin because you will definitely end up having to spend money on over-the-counter treatments to remedy the ailments caused by this TikTok trend.” 

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The hashtag #pickleskincare has attracted nearly 80k views across the social media platform.

Watson concedes that the trend is not without its benefits, but again opts for alternative skin care products to acquire a glowing complexion.

Watson continued: “Actually, ingesting pickles and the brine can be very good for you. They are high in lactobacillus, a very powerful probiotic that is highly beneficial to the skin as well as other antioxidants and other goodies that do the gut, body and skin well.

"So by eating them on a regular basis, you are making your gut happy, which will ultimately help to support your skin, too.”

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“If you are trying to get rid of acne scarring or dead skin cells, please look for a suitable toner and put the pickles down.”

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