Mother reduces grocery bill from £547 to £5 thanks to coupons

Extreme Couponing: Woman saves hundreds off grocery shopping

Jessica shared how coupons helped her bring a $680 (£546.69) shopping bill down to $6.46 (£5.19) while appearing on Extreme Couponing. She appeared on the second episode of the hit TLC reality show.

The main reason Jessica started using coupons was to help her family boost their savings amid the recession at the time.

As such, the homemaker plans meals a month in advance and sticks to a strict budget of $160 (£128.63) every month.

However, thanks to taking advantage of coupons, in-store discounts and seasonal concessions, Jessica can come well within her budget.

Thanks to all the savings she has made through discounts, the coupon expert has been able to stockpile hundreds of items.

This includes 75 boxes and cereal, 345 tins, and 27 boxes of dishwashing liquid enough for 540 loads.

Outlining why she started couponing, Jessica explained: “When this recession hit, it really hit our family’s budget hard. I don’t work and my husband’s a self-employed contractor in an economy that’s not building.

“In the beginning, $160 (£128.63) seemed really hard to come into and the about so much pressure to find those savings and I felt like I wasn’t finding them.

“But as I’ve gotten more efficient with it that just kind of comes naturally. Every month you can kind of tell what’s going to be on sale with coupons.

“January is that healthy month everybody’s looking to lose weight and get a healthier lifestyle. So those are the kinds of things you’ll find are old meals and healthy cereals.”

During her stint on Extreme Couponing, Jessica invited the camera in to film one of her monthly grocery shops.

On this occasion, she was hoping to make significant savings with a folder full of 3,500 coupons.

To make the most out of these discounts, Jessica is opting to split the purchase of her groceries into 16 different transactions.

After telling the cashier of her plan, Jessica and her family started to separate the groceries for their different transactions.

Overall, the final bill for the day came to around $160 (£128.63) but this was reduced to $6.46 (£5.19) when coupons were applied.

Reacting to Jessica’s savings, the cashier said: “She saved around 90 percent. It is amazing.”

In the YouTube comment section of the video on TLC’s channel, the public shared their admiration for Jessica’s savings techniques.

Victoria Banno said: “She’s the most organized and smart of everyone I’ve seen so far.

“For someone who doesn’t have a job, this is the smartest thing to do.”

Clare added: “Wow, she’s definitely a super mom. Due to her organisation and planning she’s fed her whole family for a month for pretty much nothing. Amazing.”

Those interested in learning more about saving money can watch Extreme Couponing on fuboTV or Discovery+.

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