Couple earns £60,000 a year from home through ‘creative’ business

A home-based crochet kits business has had to expand into a rental unit as demand for its crochet kits continues to grow. Wee Woolly Wonderfuls is run part time by Lisa Dobbs and her husband Paul, who both earned £30,000 through the business last year.

The company provides crochet kits complete with a pattern, materials and needles, as well as online tutorial videos, to help users create woolly items such as teddy bears, elephants and bunnies.

Lisa said she loves the “creative” side of her business and that people can enjoy crochet and relax from the stresses of life.

She said: “A lot of people find it therapeutic when you’re actually creating something. A lot of my customers say, if they’ve had a stressful day, they come home, get the crochet out and they’ll just forget about all the things that are going on in their head and just enjoy it.

“Making something with your own hands is very satisfying. We’ve got a really good online community which has really helped.

“We have a really good Facebook page. Everybody joins in and shares photographs. It kept a lot of people sane during COVID-19. That has really helped the business as well.”

The enterprise surged in popularity during the coronavirus lockdown, when the number of kits the couple were sending out increased from 10 a day to 100.

The couple set up the business in 2017 after Lisa decided she wanted her work life to be more flexible, so it could work around taking her son to school.

They spent around £500 to get the business going in their spare room, making a small number of their first design, the “Arthur & Betsy Bunnies Kit”.

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Lisa and Paul take a small part-time salary from the business and a dividend at the end of the year, depending on how the business has done.

Last year, they took around £30,000 each through the business, which turned over £172,000, more than double compared to the year before.

Lisa said: “We are finding that people are looking for alternative things to do, especially if they are cutting back on expenditure and staying at home more, so are turning to crafts.

“We get customers telling us how our kits are helping their mental wellness and distracting them from all the bad news in the world currently.

“We don’t want to take that away from them. It’s a hard enough time for everyone and we want to make sure our kits are still affordable to our customers.”

Lisa does all the designing and product photography while Paul packs and dispatches the kits.

The kits go out across the world, with lots of crochet customers in the USA. There have also been orders to Australia, France and Germany, and even to Israel and Iraq.

Last year, the company had a celebrity endorsement as Stacey Solomon made one of the kits when she was having a baby.

They sold hundreds of their bunny kits after Stacey’s fans saw the one she had made, which she shared on her Instagram page.

They sell their products on their own website and on the Amazon Handmade website. There are some 85,000 small and medium-sized businesses in the UK that sell through Amazon.

Looking to the future, Lisa and Paul would like to take on a full-time staff member, as the work is very demanding for them.

They would also like to supply some of their kits into shops to further expand their reach.

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