People are just realizing they’re watching Disney movies wrong – check your streaming app for ‘TV ruining’ mistake | The Sun

IF you have ever struggled with a dark TV monitor while watching Disney Plus – then this quick trick may help.

Television technology has advanced an incredible amount in recent years.

This includes the development of HDR (high dynamic range) and OLED (organic light-emitting diode) viewing experiences.

However, because there are so many options out there, not all streaming apps seamlessly integrate with every TV.

Disney Plus users, for example, have been sharing on social media that their content turns darker when they have HDR running.

"Dolby Vision HDR on Disney Plus seems to be pretty bad at the moment," one person said on Twitter.

"I’m not sure why Disney Plus has an HDR problem," another user asked.

This flaw causes certain films and movies with night scenes to become nearly impossible to watch.

Thankfully, there is a way to fix this so you can get back to enjoying The Mandalorian.


If you're not sure whether Dolby Vision or HDR is darkening your Disney Plus viewing experience, there is a way to find out.

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To test this, put on a movie and show and then pause and rewind until you see thumbnails pop up, The Verge recommends.

If you notice a huge difference in the brightness levels, you need to head to your HDR settings.


Go to Home and then select Settings.

From there, tap on Device Preferences and select Picture.

Once you have done that, toggle off to disable HDR.

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