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SPRING cleaning can be difficult inside a car full of tight spaces and hard to reach crevices – but these 12 hacks could be a life saver.

As warmer temperatures approach, many drivers start to offer their motors a little TLC after the bitterness of winter.


The first area you may want to tackle are the cupholders full of coffee stains, crumbs and forgotten hair bands.

One top tip offered by the RAC, is to place cupcake cases into these spaces.

When it comes time to clean away any debris it is as simple as lifting up the paper wrappers and throwing them away.


If your car also serves as a pet taxi, animal hair may be a battle – but fight it no more.

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RAC experts suggest the best way to get rid of malting is to spray the area with water.

Then, take a squeegee, similar to those used to clean a shower door, and rub it along.

Any other devices that have a flat and smooth rubber lining to it are also effective.


If you are struggling to clean a car's leather interior, you probably already have the items needed to help.

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Simply take a toothbrush and dip it into a mixture of water and baking soda, and this should speed up the process.


As soon as a ray of sunlight hits the dashboard many motorists are left dismayed at the amount of dust that suddenly appears.

The solution – olive oil and an old cloth.

The RAC suggests this combination makes a perfect interior car polish and shouldn't break the bank.


Areas around gear sticks, window switches and radio controls can all be a frustration to clean.

But these cracks and crevices could be tackled with a cloth or rag wrapped around a narrow screwdriver.

The fine point should reach the tricky places while a damp cloth protects the car's interior from scratches.


These hard to reach spots can be particularly difficult to get to – but the answer may lie in your kitchen drawer, kids play area or handbag.

A pastry brush, old paintbrush, or even makeup brush could get in between vents and remove dust.

Afterwards, use a hoover to completely rid the car of any particles left behind.


After winter, floor mats can become caked in mud, leaves and water marks.

For a quick and deep clean, instead of spraying them with a garden hose, use a stain remover – the same as you would on a carpet inside your home.

After letting it soak for a while, put them in the washing machine and you should see a huge difference.


To keep the freshly cleaned car smell for at least a couple of days before the kids and dog ruin it, try making your own air freshener.

This DIY hack involves filling a small jar with baking soda and four or five drops of essential oil.

Instead of putting the lid back on, cover it with a breathable material.

And, if it spills, your cupcake case lined cup holder should limit the damage done.


After driving your vehicle through mud, grit dust and rain all winter, it is important to give the exterior a once over.

To make you hubcaps sparkle, mix washing power with water until it makes a paste.

Again, a toothbrush can be used to apply and rub the formula onto desired areas.


The glass often becomes smeared after driving through bad weather, but fogged up windscreens can be a safety hazard and penalty risk.

In fact, drivers can be fined up to £1,000 if visibility through their windshield is low.

While it could be a good idea to buy new wipers altogether, if you're on a budget rubbing alcohol can help.

On the inside of the glass, one hack suggests lathering shaving foam across the screen before wiping clean.


Another top tip to keep your vision 100 per cent on the roads is to keep the headlights clean.

Across colder months they often become dimmer, which could land you a. £1,000 fine.

You can use toothpaste on a cloth to brighten them up as the active ingredient, baking soda, eats away at dirt.


According to the RAC, it is wise to keep an eye on the car battery, as corrosion can cause serious damage.

Firstly, turn off the engine and loosen each terminal slightly with a wrench.

It is important to disconnect the negative terminal before the positive.

Wear gloves and protective eyewear for health and safety.

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The quick and affordable hack may already be in your kitchen cupboards – coca cola.

Pour a small amount over any grimy areas and let it eat away at any corrosion before rinsing with water and drying.

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