‘I’m a housekeeper and here are things I would avoid in my kitchen’

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Alyssa Armstrong is a professional house cleaner from Michigan who owns her own cleaning business, Alyssa’s Deep Cleaning Company. She is popular on her TikTok account @alyssascleaningcompany as she often gives advice on how to make your home look like it was cleaned by an expert.

Alyssa recently advised five things you should never have in your kitchen because of how unnecessarily difficult it is to maintain. She stated: “Five things I would never, and I don’t think you should ever, put in your kitchen as a professional house cleaner knowing how hard they are to clean.”

The first item Alyssa recommended against is copper sinks. She said: “Now, they look beautiful when they’re first installed, and if you want to clean it every day then that is great, but I am going to show you what it looks like over time.”

Alyssa first showed a picture of a beautiful orange copper sink, which looked clean and shiny. The next picture she showed was a copper sink after it had been used for a little while, and the sink looked rusty and worn down.

She said: “This is what it looks like if you don’t clean it literally every day. It’s so hard to maintain, it’s literally just not worth it.”

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Secondly, Alyssa explained she would never have cabinets with engraving or ornamental details in her kitchen. She said: “It just adds more nooks and crannies to hide dirt, dust, and grease that you don’t need to be cleaning.”

The cleaning expert showed a picture of her ideal kitchen, with smooth cabinets with simple handles on them. She said: “I love this kitchen, it’s beautiful…I would opt for something simple like this. There’s no extra detail…no extra nooks or crannies.”

For number three, Alyssa said she would never have cabinets installed into the wall that did not go all the way to the ceiling. She explained her Mum used to have kitchen cabinets that had space at the top and the space was incredibly tricky to clean.

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She said: “Look at this, nobody wants to [clean] this. Just have them go to the top. Easy peasy.”

The fourth item Alyssa does not recommend in the kitchen is small tiles that have “lots of grout”. She said: “Grout is annoying, it requires maintenance. If it’s in your kitchen you are going to get a lot of build-up and grease.”

Alyssa showed what appeared to be a marble inside a kitchen and said she would rather have something “like a slab” in her kitchen. The cleaning expert however did say: “Now, I don’t know exactly how these work and if they cost a lot more, but there’s no grout and you can match it with your countertops. That’s what I would opt for. “

For the final item she disliked in the kitchen, Alyssa warned against complicated lighting due to how difficult it is to clean. She said: “Now again, this looks beautiful, but do you want to clean that? All those nooks and crannies? No.”

Alyssa instead recommended recessed lighting fixtures. She said she had them in her home and “very rarely” had to clean them. She added: “I would go for that, but if you’re going to get a hanging chandelier or light, make it something very simple.”

In the comment section, people praised Alyssa for her tips, as one person wrote: “These are great tips, especially considering people with limited ability and time to deep clean.”

However, the cleaner did add a disclaimer. One popular comment said: “Just a reminder, if you are willing to clean this and really do like it, she’s not saying not to get it, just to remember it’s a pain to clean” to which Alyssa replied “exactly!”

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