Professional cleaners share go-to cleaning products

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The cleaning industry is overwhelmed with products, and homemade solutions are increasingly popular as millions discover new “hacks” to solve their everyday cleaning problems. But what products would a professional cleaner recommend? Here are a few staples you should consider having in your cleaning cupboard.

A Reddit user took to the platform and asked: “What products do you use to keep your house clean? Professional cleaners of Britain, what are your staples?”

The post asked for “some of the better cleaning products” that can be used for “various areas of the home”.

They didn’t want “home remedies” or the “classic” solutions “people swear by” referncing white vinegar, bicarbonate and lemons.

Instead, they were “looking for a few solid staples” that they can bulk buy and use to clean their home successfully.

One replied mentioned The Pink Stuff, saying “it works well” and doesn’t produce harmful or toxic fumes that can sometimes cause headaches “like a lot of cleaning products do”.

They explained they use the paste to “clean the bathroom”, using it “in the bath and sink” to “get grime and scum off”.

The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste is used by millions to clean ovens, but be careful not to apply too much pressure when using the paste, as it’s midly abrasive properties could scratch surfaces. Similarly, the brand says to be “especially careful with glass, highly polished steel surfaces and ceramic hobs”.

Someone else mentioned Barkeeper’s Friend, claiming it was their “secret weapon that [everyone] should have in the kitchen”.

The powdered version was recommended more, and can be used across glass, ceramic, metals – “not wood but literally every other surface in your kitchen”.

Another suggested using Elbow Grease in the kitchen as it “cleans so much quicker and easier than anything else”.

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Someone replied to this comment with their experience of using Elbow Grease: “Bought some of this yesterday to clean around our oven and it worked a treat.”

Elbow Grease is an all purpose degreaser, that is “effective on most surfaces”, and is “ideal for removing grease from fabrics, metals and plastics”.

The product is solvent free and cheap, costing £1 from B&M or 99p on Amazon.

In terms of washing dishes, Dishmatic Washing Up Brush was mentioned as an “absolute game-changer” for anyone having to wash plates, pots and glasses by hand.

“It makes doing the dishes so much nicer and you use a fraction of the washing up liquid you’d use without one,” someone said.

The £1 brush dispenses washing up liquid during use meaning less goes to waste. It also “saves time and protects hands, limiting your hands’ exposure to hot soapy water”.

No need to throw the brush away when the sponge as been overused, refill sponges are available to buy seperately.

For anyone with mould or condensation issues, HG Mould Spray was highly recommended “for cleaning mould around showers, grout, silicone etc”.

The anonymous user explained how it can be used on “walls with condensation” and “is unbelievably effective and the easiest cleaning product you can use”.

They suggested you jus “just spray it on then wait, no actual cleaning required”.

Someone added: “With you there, I’m a decorator and use this stuff a lot. It will turn your clothes pink if you’re not careful though.”

HG Mould Spray has been given a 4.6 out of five star rating on Amazon, with over 29,000 reviews being left by customers.

Not only does the spray “quickly and effectively removes mould, mildew and fungus from almost any surface”, it also “prevents re-growth”. Simply spray on the area, leave for 30 minutes and clean with water and a sponge.

As the decorator advised, be careful when using the spray as it “has a bleaching effect”, so protect your hands by wearing gloves, and ventilate the area when using.

After cleaning your house, if you want to make it smell nice, Zoflora was recommended. It can also be used for general cleaning as its a concentrated disinfectant, with a “three in one action formula that kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses”.

“A few drops in a bucket of water for general cleaning, I wipe around the toilet with it, put a drop on the filter in my hoover to stop that ‘hoover’ smell,” someone explained. “A dot of cotton wool with Zoflora on behind your radiator when the heating is on makes the place smell great.”

Zoflora claims its products have a “long-lasting fragrance for at least 24 hours” after use.

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