‘Restore and refresh old tile grout’ with ‘easy’ solution

Grout between tiles can discolour over time, Express.co.uk spoke to Eve Kolesova Head of Marketing at UniBond about the strongest methods that can restore dirty, mouldy grout back to a glistening white shade.

Eve first explained what grout is made of: “There are two types of grout. Dry mixed powder grouts which require mixing with water and are based on cement.

“In contrast, ready-mixed grouts do not require mixing with water and are manufactured using water-resistant polymer dispersions.

“Both types contain components such as bulk fillers, rheology modifiers and special additives to promote water and mould resistance.”

As for what the grout changes colour over time, she said: “Most often titanium dioxide and other coloured oxides that are used as pigment coloured grouts can discolour over time due to UV exposure.

“It is also common that cement-based grouts discolour over time due to stagnant dirty water or residues that aren’t completely washed away.”

For anyone looking to clean their grout or restore it to its original white colour, Eve offered several solutions.

“One of the best ways to restore your grout is to use products like the UniBond Grout Reviver Tube,” she said.

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“The Reviver easily restores and refreshes old grout that has become faded and discoloured. Commercially available cleaners can also be effective in removing surface dirt and contaminants.

“Conventional household cleaners that are based on mild acids like white vinegar,” can also do the trick.

More recently, convenient white grout pens have been introduced, but are they a long term solution?

Eve said: “Grout pens offer a quick and easy to apply solution for grout restoration. [They usually offer a] waterproof coating that is also mould resistant.”

As for how it works, the expert revealed: “The pen acts quickly to cover up ingrained discolouration that can be a struggle to remove.”

Once you’ve restored your dirty grout to bright white, Eve said there are a few things you can do to avoid the colour changing again.

“To stop grout changing colour, we suggest using a good quality, polymer-modified cement-based or ready-mixed grout,” she commented.

“But, it is also important that surfaces are regularly cleaned to reduce the risk of discolouration.”

There are several ways to regularly clean the grout between your bathroom tiles.

1. Bicarbonate of soda paste: two parts bicarb to one part water then rub onto the grout using a toothbrush.

2. White vinegar spray: You can buy these from many retailers and can be used in conjunction with the bicarbonate of soda. Simply spray over and a thick mixture should start to bubble up.

3. Whitening toothpaste: The toothpaste acts as a mild abrasive as well as whitens the grout. Use a toothbrush to scrub.

4. Bleach: Wearing protective gloves, carefully pour bleach onto an unrolled cotton wool ball and stick it directly onto the grout. Leave for 10 minutes, and remove and wash the tiles as normal. Dispose of the bleached cotton wool carefully.

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