Gas heating and air fryers to cost more to run from next month

Under current Government proposals, energy bills are set to rise by £500 for the average household. As such, the cost to keep running appliances, such as gas heating and air fryers, will be more expensive as of April.

Last year, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt confirmed the energy price guarantee would be raised from £2,500 to £3,000 for typical households.

The price guarantee is the cap on the price per unit of gas and electricity for homes with average usage.

It should be noted that this is not an overall cap on a household’s energy bills as above-average consumption will lead to higher costs when turning on appliances.

Ahead of next month’s potential change to the price cap, experts are sharing how much extra it will cost to turn on various appliances.

Currently, the cost of using a gas radiator to heat your home under the energy price guarantee is £15, which would rise to £24 under the proposed £500 hike.

Furthermore, the cost of an air fryer would rise from 51p to 62p in April if these changes take place.

Recent reports suggest that Mr Hunt may potentially scrap the proposed increase to the energy price cap to support vulnerable families during the cost of living crisis.

However, as of today, there has been no confirmation that the energy price guarantee will remain at £2,500 and changes to the Government policy will likely not be announced until next week during the Chancellor’s Budget announcement.

Here is a breakdown from the energy experts at Forbes Advisor of the potential rise in costs that could be introduced next month.

Kevin Pratt, an energy spokesperson at Forbes Advisor, emphasised that increasing the price guarantee would see appliances become more expensive immediately.

He explained: “It’s been a tough winter for households across the UK, even with the energy price guarantee in place and the £400 rebate paid to most households in monthly instalments between October and March.

“If there is no change to current policy, the 20 percent rise in the energy price guarantee from April 1 will prove a hammer blow to household budgets – and this can clearly be seen by looking at the impact on the cost of running gas and electric appliances.

“For example, applying a 20 percent increase on bills would mean the effective cost of running a fridge would rise from £2.45 a day to £2.95, while one load of washing would set you back 86p, up from 71p.”

The energy expert highlighted that these rises in costs “may not seem a lot” to some households but would cumulatively be economically crippling for many.

Mr Pratt added: “It’s important people are aware of these potential changes in their bills from April, but we hope the government uses its Budget on March 15 to share news of continued support on energy bills.

“Looking further ahead, we might see energy bills start to fall from July thanks to reductions in the price of natural gas on wholesale markets.

“At that point, energy companies may reintroduce competitive fixed rate tariffs and encourage customers to switch from current deals. This doesn’t happen at the moment because there are no deals available below the level of the guarantee.”

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