Billions of people urged to check webcams today – five signs you've been hacked and are being watched in secret | The Sun

Cyber criminals have the technology to remotely access your webcam and the rest of your PC via malware you accidentally downloaded.

If this sounds like a Black Mirror episode – it's because it is.

But hacking schemes are only getting more sophisticated – so here's how you can catch a cyber criminal out before it's too late.

What are the signs?

The first – and biggest – tell-tale sign is if your webcam light is on.

Most webcams on laptops and PCs will be accompanied by a small light which will flick on when the webcam is being used.

If it turns on at weird times or without you intending to use your webcam, then it's likely someone else is behind the lens.


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Tech savvy users have been advised to shut down all their active apps if this ever happens, just to make sure apps running in the background aren't triggering the webcam by accident.

The second sign is if your battery is draining quicker than usual, as this could mean a hacker has external access to your device and is using it when you aren't.

The third marker is if you spot any odd or unfamiliar browser extensions.

Malware with remote access technology can sometimes be found in suspicious apps or browser extensions – which can grant hackers external access to devices.

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Alternatively, it's not uncommon for a rogue browser extension to open up the webcam by accident.

The fourth sign is if your PC is using more internet data than usual.

A sudden spike in your network traffic when you weren't online can signal that someone else has access to your device.

Finally, if you come across any storage files on your device that you don't recognise – this is a major red flag.

After a hacker records footage via your webcam, they will need to save the video or audio on that same device before transferring it to their own.

This means that random-looking files can appear out of nowhere.

If a hacker has webcam footage, they are likely wanting to use whatever was recorded as blackmail.

If you're concerned that a hacker may have infiltrated your device, download a trustworthy antivirus software.

And while you're device is being cleaned, simply put a piece of tape over the webcam.

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