Is Hinge down? Users complain dating app is broken | The Sun

POPULAR dating app Hinge is down today for users across the world looking for love.

Thousands of users have been left unable to log in.

When logging into the app, users are met with a pop up, saying: "Something went wrong, and we're working on fetching solutions. Check back soon!"

Thousands of reports have poured in this morning on DownDetector, from across the UK, Ireland, the US, Canada and New Zealand saying the app is broken.

Hinge has around 20million users, with about 800,000 people paying for its premium service as of last year.

Users have taken to social media to check it's not just their app that isn't working.


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"Is Hinge down? Are we all finally free? Is nature healing?," said one Twitter user.

"A moment of silence for all the people using the @hinge app to geographically locate their dates tonight because they haven’t exchanged numbers, who are now probably sitting in the gutter or alone at a bar feeling stood up and lost," said another.

Hinge hasn't addressed what the issue is yet.

But the servers might be overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem.

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Or there might be server maintenance in progress.

The Sun has contacted Hinge for comment.

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