O2 warning over call or text that will drain customer bank accounts

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O2 customers have been warned scammers are trying to steal personal details by offering bogus “discounts” on phone bills.

The fraudsters try to lure customers in by calling them and claiming they’re eligible for 30 per cent or more off their bill.

They then send customers a text with a one-time passcode and ask that they read it back to them – but don’t do this.

O2 has confirmed this is a scam and it would never ask you to read back a one-time passcode.

The text with the passcode will come from an O2 UK number – which makes it harder to see this is a scam – as the fraudster has used the O2 website to claim you have forgotten the customer’s login details.

The scammer will then use the passcode they’ve given them over the phone to gain access to their account, Mirror reports.

If a fraudster gets hold of this code, they may be able to order a new phone in the customer’s name.

They could then end up being charged for the device until they can report it as fraud, and by that point the fraudster has the handset.

The text message the customer receives before the code arrives states: “If someone’s calling you and asking for a code, please end the call because they DO NOT work from O2.”

Customers should only use a one-time passcode that they’ve requested yourself – for example, if they’ve forgotten the password to their online account.

Liam Rawsthorne, head of fraud at Virgin Media O2 said: “At Virgin Media O2, we’re constantly investing to help better protect our customers from scams but unfortunately, we know that full-time fraudsters are always looking for new ways to target our customers.

“If you receive a call offering a deal or significant discount on your mobile contract that sounds too good to be true, it probably is – so taking a moment to pause is always the best course of action.

“Our staff will never pressure you into accepting a deal right then and there or call you to ask for your one-time passcode over the phone so never share it with an unexpected caller, no matter how legitimate they seem.

“When in doubt, always clam up, hang up and call us back. Our offers will never have a five-minute time limit, so you won’t miss out on any genuine deals – but you might just swerve the scammers.”

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