My 'neighbour from hell' blocks me in on my driveway and messes with my bins – I’ve created a TikTok account about it | The Sun

A FRUSTRATED motorist has created a social media account to document their 'neighbour from hell.'

TikTok user @stubs259 uploaded multiple videos showing their neighbour's antics, which have tens of thousands of views.

The description on the TikTok account reads: 'Sharing the adventures of my bad neighbours. Driveway is shared car access.'

In one video, the TikTok user's car can be seen parked over to the left-hand side against a wall.

A Mercedes C-Class belonging to the neighbour pulls up and reverses back into the shared drive.

A man climbs out and walks off, leaving the C-Class in a position that means the other car can't possibly get out.

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There are multiple videos uploaded showing the same thing, with one saying the C-Class was left for three days.

On another video, there's the caption: 'Big glares and messing with my bins!'

A woman who is thought to be the man's wife comes out of a garage door and stares at the TikTok user's Ring doorbell camera.

The woman then walks up to the bins at the rear of the garage and inspects what's inside.

A third video has the caption: 'Adventures of Bad Neighbour.


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'When I go to my front door and he hears me!'

The video shows the same man walking up to a fence and peering over it for a while, clearly trying to catch the TikTok user doing something wrong.

People were on the TikTok user's side down in the comments under the videos.

One said: "If there was a medical emergency you would not be able to pull your car out.

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Another said: "Some people just love to make other people's life difficult for the hell of it, sad really."

A third said: "Why do people deliberately set out to cause problems? Beats me."

To which @stubs259 replied: "I think it’s just the way he is, maybe Santa brought him coal as a kid."

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