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WHATSAPP users have been warned that they could be banned from the app if they're found to be breaking the rules.

Many may not realise that the popular messaging app actually has quite a few policies on what you can and cannot send.

And if you're detected or reported breaching them, you could be booted off.

So what exactly could get you banned on WhatsApp?

Using a WhatsApp alternative app

There are a number of rip off WhatsApp apps that allow you to message friends without using the official app.

GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus are among the more popular ones.

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But WhatsApp does not want you using them to access their service.

If they realise you're using a non-official WhatsApp app your account risks being blocked.

Sending spam on WhatsApp

It should come as no surprise that spam is unwelcome on WhatsApp – and just about anywhere.

If you're caught sending spam messages, this could lead to you being banned on WhatsApp.

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Impersonating someone on WhatsApp

Similarly, impersonating people on any platform is not well received.

WhatsApp is no exception.

Your number could be blocked if you're caught impersonating or pretending to be someone you're not.

Being reported too much on WhatsApp

If you're a nuisance to other users and being repeatedly reported you could be banned.

So be considerate to others you're messaging and don't do anything that might cross a line leading to you being reported.

Multiple reports against you will raise a red flag at WhatsApp HQ.

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