I bought a brand new electric pick-up truck for £1,800 and it’s much better than I was expecting – but there’s a catch | The Sun

EVERYBODY loves a bargain when it comes to buying a car, but does it get much better than a brand new pick-up for £1,800?

It's called the Hondsheng Pickup and it's a fully-electric truck with air-con, an interior screen and a proper hydraulic tipping load bed.

So, what's the catch? Well, it's more a case of what isn't.

The Hondsheng is based on a golf cart, it can't legally be driven on the road, it only does 27mph and you can only buy one from Alibaba.com in China.

But that's exactly what a man called Micah Toll did, and he's been documenting what it's like to live with.

Micah lives in Florida in the US and the Hondsheng finally arrived on a pallet after a long wait, but it was way better than he was expecting.

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He admits in his updates at Electrek.co that he did spend a little more than planned to import the truck.

He said: "The $2K truck’s sticker price ballooned after another $1K for the biggest battery and $2K for shipping, plus stateside fees."

Once unwrapped, though, Micah started using the tiny truck around his parents' farm for heavy lifting jobs.

'We generally recharge the truck every couple weeks, and it theoretically has a range of around 50 miles (80 km) or more.


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'The bed is awesome and I’ve already put it to good use collecting yard waste around the land and hauling it back to the dump pile.'

And despite its tiny price, you do get a decent product.

Micah continued: "It features full metal body panels, electric windows and doors with key fob for locking, and a full light package with blinkers, headlights, spotlights, tail lights and reverse lights.

"There’s a backup camera, steel cargo rack and bed rack, high power charger, windshield wiper with washer fluid, and the air conditioning is even quite powerful.

'I can even connect my phone to the Bluetooth and play music or movies on the infotainment system.'

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