14p hack to get rid of all ‘all the fruit flies’ in your house

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TikTok user Dana’s hack to getting rid of flies from her home has had an incredible two million views on the popular app. It’s done using a banana, a glass, and clingfilm and is proving a popular alternative to a hack to get rid of flies using apple cider vinegar.

Dana showed how effectively it worked in her own home after just one day.

She said: “There’s not a single fruit fly on this fruit because of my new magical method of a banana peel in a cup.”

Her cup was swarming with too many flies to count. Dana said: ” Look at the horrifyingness, that’s all the fruit flies in my house. They have gone in there in a matter of 24 hours.”

To create the fly trap, Dana put a banana peel in a cup. She then covered the cup over with clingfilm and poked holes in the clingfilm with a fork.

“So, I’ve got little fork holes, and there we go. No stinky apple cider vinegar smell, just an old banana peel,” she said.

Explaining how it works, Dana said: “They smell the fruit and navigate to it, they crawl around on the plastic and then through the holes and then they bounce around trapped.”

TikTok users thanks Dana for the ingenious method to get rid of flies. One said: “So done with apple cider and dish soap. Banna it is, thanks!”

Another said: “Cool thank you! I’ve been using vinegar and soap but they are still everywhere!”

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Another said: “I tried it with the plastic cup, worked like a charm and I put it in the freezer til garbage day.”

They’re not the only person to freeze their flies. One said: “I do this all the time!!! Works perfectly. Then I just freeze them and throw them away, because I don’t know how to get rid of them.”

Others had their own take on the hack. “We do this in my house but we use empty yogurt singles so we can just throw it all away after,” one wrote.

Another said: “Also works with a bottle of red wine with a little bit left in the bottom. They can’t get out once they’re in.”

“Lemon juice on the counter for a couple of days will trap so many!!! It’s so satisfying when I find all the little dead ones,” another suggested.

How to prevent fruit flies

Clean the drain

Many don’t know flies lay eggs in drains. To keep the drain clear, pour boiling water down the drain regularly.

Keep it clean

Clear away rotten food and don’t leave food out on counters, this will attract flies to your home.

Replace bins regularly

Take out your bins often. These act as a magnet for flies, providing a place for them to eat, hide and reproduce.

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